Marketing automation

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Live chat designed for marketing automation

Live chat is the ultimate way to connect with your website visitors, it's there at the right time and offers an immediate way to get the specific answers visitors need in order to move forward with you. You wouldn't open a shop without sales staff, so

Leverage Marketing Automation across over 300 apps with Zapier and Jumplead

Today we have more choices than ever when it comes to the software we can use to deliver online marketing. Everyone has their own workflow and preference for how they like to get things done, which is why we’ve hooked up with Zapier to give

Trigger Marketing Automations and Create Contacts with Your Existing WordPress Forms

Our WordPress plugin has now been updated to allow your existing WordPress form plugins to create contacts within Jumplead’s CRM and to be able to trigger Jumplead marketing automations, to allow you to nurture and receive notifications based upon your individual contact’s activity. Automations

WordPress Inbound Marketing Automation

Inbound marketing is generally understood as a term to describe marketing activity designed to generate well defined traffic through blogging, SEO and social media. Surely if that's all there is to it WordPress would be the ultimate inbound marketing tool? With a powerful feature set and