Marketing automation

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Workflows for Automations

We are all really excited to tell you about one of the big projects we’ve been working on this year that’s almost ready for release. Automation Workflows is a new visual builder for creating customer journeys, it combines the setting of conditional trigger options

Lead Scoring Update [New Feature]

Marketing automation systems are built to generate and nurture leads making it easy to keep track of your interactions with contacts and to understand and act upon their individual profiles and sales readiness. In Jumplead there are two ways of measuring the level of qualification of

What to look for when choosing small business marketing automation software

So you’re considering using marketing automation software to make your kick-ass business even better at kicking asses? Smart move. If you’ve already done your preliminary research, you’ll know that most B2B businesses are already using some form of automation – in fact 82% of

Five email automation opportunities you're overlooking

Automation is a wonderful thing. It frees marketers from the yoke of having to nurture prospects on a one-to-one basis and it also creates new sales pipelines. If your email automation comprises a welcome sequence for new subscribers and a couple of landing pages that trigger

The Beginner’s Guide to CRM Marketing Automation

So, you wanna get to grips with marketing automation then? Well congratulations, you’ve come to the right place. There’s a lot of noise out there about automation and all the wonderful things it can do, and a lot of those claims are bang on.