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Top 50 Lead Generation Tools for 2019

Lead generation is a challenging process to get right, from getting potential customers to your website, then converting them into leads, to nurturing them over time into customers. To make that magic happen you need to pull together the right set of lead generation tools. The

Four reasons why your website needs live chat

As a consumer, what’s your take on live chat? You know the sort: you navigate to a website, typically an ecommerce store or a live casino, and like magic a pop-up window appears promising to resolve all your questions. Deposit limits; shipping information; the meaning

Live Chat For Your Website – Luxury or Necessity?

What’s the deal with live chat? First it was nowhere, then it was everywhere. If your website doesn’t have a live chat facility in the current year, does this mean you’re in danger of being left behind? Or does it simply mean that

Live chat designed for marketing automation

Live chat for your website is the ultimate way to connect with your visitors, it's there at the right time and offers an immediate way to get the specific answers visitors need in order to move forward with you. You wouldn't open a shop without sales

How to Sync Live Chat and Your CRM for Better Visitor Identification

Identifying the visitors to your website is extremely important because it can help your organization better understand if you’re generating interest from the right type of buyer. The traffic driven to your web properties should be of people relevant to your company’s offerings, otherwise