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SSL Encrypted Landing Pages

Building relationships with your leads is all about building trust and encrypting your landing pages is a great way to begin. Using SSL encryption on your landing pages demonstrates that anything that is communicated between you and your lead is secure. It shows you respect your

7 Landing page strategies that really work

A landing page is an entry point to your website, and often the very first thing a lead sees. First impressions count, and it pays to get your landing pages right. Landing pages are rarely reachable via your main website. Instead users land on them by

10 Things You Should Never Do to a Landing Page

When it comes to landing page design, there’s a tendency to think in terms of ‘do’s’. “To optimise your landing pages, do this. Do that. Try this.” And that’s all sensible advice that you should follow. But there are a lot of do’

How to Develop a Worthwhile Lead Magnet

One of the most effective ways to generate leads for B2B brands is by providing valuable content to your audience in the form of a lead magnet. An eBook, podcast, worksheet or a white paper are some of the many types of resources your business can

How to Get Visitors to Fill Out Your Lead Forms

You’ve built the ideal lead form and landing page for your website, but what does it take to actually get visitors to take action and fill out the entire form? No one enjoys completing a form, since they’re time consuming, disruptive and detail intensive.