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Drip Email Marketing: The Best Automation Technique You’re Not Using

Drip marketing is one of those phrases you’ve probably heard of. In fact, if pressed on the matter you could probably have a stab at defining it. Something to do with sending your contacts a steady drip of marketing messages to keep their interest, right?

How to Personalize Transactional Emails to Connect with Customers

Did you know email is one of the most effective marketing channels for reaching your customers with a meaningful messaging? 72% of consumers favor email as the way to communicate with the companies they do business with. Whether your organization is sending customers a promotional email,

B2B Marketing Automation Examples

Marketing automation has a reputation as being a valuable tool for helping businesses generate and manage a continual flow of new customers. But for people new to marketing automation it can be difficult to visualise exactly how this type of marketing software can be put to

What's the difference between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation?

It can be difficult to understand the the real differences between these two types of marketing software. After all, marketing automation uses email marketing and email marketing software has automation features. This makes the situation particularly confusing! I'm going to walk through the differences and benefits

What is the Best Marketing Automation Software for your Business?

People looking for marketing automation software for their small business often search for "the best". But what does 'the best' really mean? How do you define what is the best? Is it the number of features? Or the ease of use? Is it the most expensive?