Email marketing

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The Science of Email Autoresponders: How to Nurture and Engage Your Customers

Email marketing can quickly become a time intensive investment for your business to take part in, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated with the right strategy and toolkit in place. Most email marketing platforms your business can choose from (like Jumplead) offer functionality

Build lead intelligence with email marketing

Everyone does email marketing and it is generally believed that open rates and click rates are all you can expect as far as understanding the success of your campaigns go. The truth is email marketing can do much more than that. By integrating email marketing with

8 Ways to Delight and Reward Your Email Subscribers

A lot of work goes into getting subscribers so it may be tempting to pat yourself on the back and take a break once you actually bring subscribers in. But the honest truth is that getting customers to opt-in to your emails is only the first

How to Generate Leads from Your Emails & Landing Pages

Generating leads for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Once you have the right product or service offerings, it merely takes a methodical process with the right approach to your target audience to begin regularly generating quality leads. Strategic thinking with both your email

10 Secrets to Powerful and Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is crucial for your success as a business online, since it is often the advertising channel most likely to convert visitors into customers. Setting up a profitable email marketing strategy is important for the long-term success of your organization. Many marketers have heard the