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Top 50 Lead Generation Tools for 2019

Lead generation is a challenging process to get right, from getting potential customers to your website, then converting them into leads, to nurturing them over time into customers. To make that magic happen you need to pull together the right set of lead generation tools. The

How to run an effective drip email marketing campaign

You received dozens of emails this morning. How many did you open? Business emails have an average open rate of around 25% - meaning three out of every four emails are simply ignored. 

This isn’t going to improve any time soon. Though our inboxes are

Everything you need to know about permission-based email marketing

Permission-based email marketing is the most effective way to build lasting relationships with your client base. Get it right, and watch your click-rates soar and business boom. 
Building an email database requires a little resourcefulness and a lot of patience, but is worth it in the

When to use email autoresponders – and when not to

Autoresponders are a powerful business tool. Used properly, autoresponders can be an effective way of moving people along the sales funnel, converting leads into customers. Autoresponders are a great way of building and maintaining a relationship with your database, keeping you in your subscribers' inboxes, and

Six effective ways to segment your email list

There are some rules in life which everyone knows and yet few follow. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you should do today. Wait till it’s safe to remove hardware before pulling out a USB. After a big night out, take off your makeup