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How to use Social Ads to Push Consumers Down the Buying Funnel

Social media ads are a powerful method to feed consumers into your buying funnel, and to nurture them from awareness to conversion. Knowing what ads to service at each stage, however, can be tricky to master. For instance, awareness stage social media ads will be focused

How YouTube can drive website hits through the roof

Behind Google, YouTube is the world’s second most popular website and the second most popular search engine. One billion people visit the site every month. From a marketing perspective, YouTube offers huge potential rewards. Yet breaking YouTube is difficult. 400 hours of video content are

Three ways in which AI will change content marketing

New technology doesn’t arrive in a neatly packaged bundle like a gift under the tree on Christmas morning. It comes in fits and starts, in huge leaps followed by sideways steps; an incremental improvement here, a seismic shift there. So it is with artificial intelligence,

How to Turn High Traffic Blog Posts Into High Converting Pages

Blog posts that get a huge amount of traffic are like children: sometimes they’re planned and sometimes they’re happy accidents. However they happen to come about, such pages shouldn’t be taken for granted. They are your unicorns: ultra-rare pages that through a combination

How to Get Visitors to Fill Out Your Lead Forms

You’ve built the ideal lead form and landing page for your website, but what does it take to actually get visitors to take action and fill out the entire form? No one enjoys completing a form, since they’re time consuming, disruptive and detail intensive.