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16 Unorthodox lead generation ideas

Lead generation is the means by which your company identifies and nurtures potential customers. Think of it as the point at which a lead enters the purchase funnel. If your business is going to grow, it must constantly generate new leads and contacts. In an increasingly

How YouTube can drive website hits through the roof

Behind Google, YouTube is the world’s second most popular website and the second most popular search engine. One billion people visit the site every month. From a marketing perspective, YouTube offers huge potential rewards. Yet breaking YouTube is difficult. 400 hours of video content are

Lead generation forms that really work

The first step to a successful content marketing campaign is obvious. Without quality content, you won’t attract new leads. However, the final stage in content marketing is often overlooked: Well-designed lead generation forms can be the difference between converting potential leads and losing them forever.

Everything you need to know about permission-based email marketing

Permission-based email marketing is the most effective way to build lasting relationships with your client base. Get it right, and watch your click-rates soar and business boom. 
Building an email database requires a little resourcefulness and a lot of patience, but is worth it in the

When to use email autoresponders – and when not to

Autoresponders are a powerful business tool. Used properly, autoresponders can be an effective way of moving people along the sales funnel, converting leads into customers. Autoresponders are a great way of building and maintaining a relationship with your database, keeping you in your subscribers' inboxes, and