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What is the Best Marketing Software?

People looking for marketing software often search for "best marketing software" who wouldn't? But what does that mean? How do you define what is the best? Is it the number of features? Or the ease of use? Is it the most expensive? or the most cost

Lead Generation Strategy

So, you've spent time Googling around for an effective lead generation strategy for your B2B small business. And what have you found? Lists of tactics! Articles by landing page specialists will give you 'strategies' to improve conversion rates. Articles by email specialists will give you 'strategies'

Free and low cost Marketing Automation

Why and how can any marketing automation service afford to have a completely free plan, when so many vendors charge so much money for the same thing? Surely it doesn’t make any sense for marketing automation to be so cheap? On the one hand you

Inbound Marketing is a process not a piece of software

The truth of inbound marketing as an effective process for generating and qualifying leads for your business is difficult to refute. The principles were well documented by Seth Godin in his book Permission Marketing in 1999 and in turn Godin references the ideas published by Peppers

The hidden dangers of a ‘mindless’ marketing stack

A great marketing stack needs to personalise effectively, so why do we build them without a central point of control? Online marketing is a journey. Anyone with a website frets about getting more visitors, and anyone with visitors stresses about their conversion rates. Even given a