Brian Honigman

Content Marketing & Social Media Consultant

5 Steps to a More Effective Lead Generation Process

Lead generation is the process of attracting leads (your potential customers) into a contact management or marketing software system with the hope of nurturing them throughout the buying process to help convince them about your offerings and then convert them into a paying customer. The strategies

How to Integrate LinkedIn Ads with Your Lead Generation Strategy

Bringing new qualified leads into your marketing funnel is a constant challenge, but with the help of LinkedIn’s advertising tools it’s easier to reach the right prospects with relevant messaging. Your lead generation efforts should aim to collect a large number of high quality

How to Develop a Worthwhile Lead Magnet

One of the most effective ways to generate leads for B2B brands is by providing valuable content to your audience in the form of a lead magnet. An eBook, podcast, worksheet or a white paper are some of the many types of resources your business can

How to Get Visitors to Fill Out Your Lead Forms

You’ve built the ideal lead form and landing page for your website, but what does it take to actually get visitors to take action and fill out the entire form? No one enjoys completing a form, since they’re time consuming, disruptive and detail intensive.

How to Personalize Transactional Emails to Connect with Customers

Did you know email is one of the most effective marketing channels for reaching your customers with a meaningful messaging? 72% of consumers favor email as the way to communicate with the companies they do business with. Whether your organization is sending customers a promotional email,