Brian Honigman

Content Marketing & Social Media Consultant

30 Lead Generation Ideas and Techniques to Help 
Grow Your Business

A lead is the profile of information gathered about a potential customer from a variety of interactions with your company. Putting various processes and events in place to capture leads is important to the long-term growth of your business, since the goal of growing your database

Guide to Creating a Landing Page Strategy for Your Business

Landing pages are a powerful tool to help your business achieve its goals online, but can quickly become overwhelming and a burden if not executed correctly. To use landing pages to your advantage, it’s important to develop a succinct strategy that outlines how your landing

A Practical Guide to Increasing Conversions Using Analytics

Use your analytics to regularly identify the actions that trigger conversions on your website. The paths a customer takes to make an action with your organization online will often vary. With the help of analytics, you’ll be able to find the most common paths to

The Secrets Behind Successful Email Segmentation That Drive Results

As of April 2013, 73% of businesses use basic email segmentation, while 16% are planning to do so in the future. Segmenting your emails is a powerful technique for finding better insights from your subscribers and a means of providing better messaging to match their various

8 Ways to Use Your Analytics to Improve Traffic Quality

As a marketer or a business owner, it’s important to continually track and improve your marketing efforts to better align your campaigns to drive worthwhile results. This is achieved by consistent analysis of the data sets available to your organization through your analytics platform. Your