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Live chat is the ultimate way to connect with your website visitors, it's there at the right time and offers an immediate way to get the specific answers visitors need in order to move forward with you.

You wouldn't open a shop without sales staff, so why leave your website unattended? Live chat increases your perceived service levels and gives you the opportunity to begin building relationships that turn website visitors into customers.

Most website visitors are far more likely to open a chat conversation than to search out your contact form, it's quick, easy and informal. So why don't all marketing systems come with a live chat feature?

Small businesses have different needs.

Marketing automation software was originally created for enterprise level businesses (just take a look at the prices), as a way to systematically generate business opportunities at a high volume and move them towards being ready to buy. All with minimal intervention.

Interestingly, the reason why marketing automation works from a buyer's perspective is that messages, offers and interactions driven by marketing automation systems are far more personalised and relevant than those delivered by basic 'email blasts' or generic newsletters.

With marketing automation designed to deliver marketing at a large scale - chat, support and sales are seen as separate functions. But for any small to medium sized business these roles are often combined in much smaller teams.

This is why we have built live chat and messaging into Jumplead. Because it makes sense for the majority of businesses to be able to respond to their customers and manage their messaging in the same place.

Chat with a marketing automation backend.

This is just the start for us with live chat and the opportunities for creating targeted messaging based upon a deep understanding of individual contacts is very exciting.

In our first release we delivered a live chat and messaging system that apart from allowing you to chat with website visitors in realtime, will also convert chat participants into Jumplead contacts by capturing their email address when your operators aren't available and seamlessly converting your conversation into tracked email that can be managed across a team.

Conversations are automatically stored in each contact's profile page, keeping you on top of everything that's been said and agreed.

We've blurred the lines between live chat and email to provide a messaging system designed to allow you to connect with your prospects and manage your conversations with them effectively.

How to get started.

Live chat and messaging is enabled by default on new Jumplead accounts, so if you haven't got one already - get yourself kitted out today.

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