Identify previously unknown visitors

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Not all visitors to your website are created equal, by analysing the IP address of each visitor it’s possible to identify visiting organisations which can provide a valuable insight into potential leads.

Knowing when someone from a particular organisation is visiting your website and the pages they are interested in can help to focus your sales efforts towards prospects that have a genuine interest and are actively engaged.

Whilst this technique will highlight organisations, in order to understand which individuals are active on your website you will need to use Conversion forms, Landing pages and have contacts click through from your email campaigns.

Contact activity example:

Organisation activity example:

Prospects vs Visitors

Jumplead separates out website activity that is from your contacts and prospect organisations into the ‘Prospects’ tab within the Activity section, allowing you to focus upon this more valuable activity. People who have not converted on your forms, haven’t clicked through from your emails and have an IP address from a known internet service provider (ISP) are listed in the ‘Visitors’ tab.

 Activity Streams

Sometimes there are specific types of visitor or behaviour that you are particularly interested in, you might even want to get a notification or trigger a marketing automation when a returning contact matches your criteria.

In these situations you can use activity streams and automations to create a targeted visit scenario and use it to send a notification to your sales team or even trigger an auto responder for the visitor.

For example, I get a notification whenever a contact views our pricing page, some people use region filters to send notifications to relevant sales team members when contacts from certain regions return and view key pages.

Whilst any prospect (person or organisation) can get filtered into your Activity Stream, only contacts with an email address will trigger an automation.

How to get started

Visitor identification is a quick win, all you need to do is to install the Jumplead tracking code into your website in order to take advantage of this technique.

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