Get lead reports and activity notifications

Matt Fenn on How to,

One of the really useful things about using a system like Jumplead is that you get an insight into the unique activity of your contacts and are able to use this information to inform sales and marketing activity.

Yes, you can see who is on your website and the pages they are visiting, when they are visiting them, you can also drop onto chat sessions with your visitors to help them directly.

But you can’t monitor all of this manually, 24–7.

This is why Jumplead also sends out a daily lead summary that recaps on the activity from the previous day, so you’ll always have a heads up on activity in your inbox.

 Leads and prospect organisations

For each report we list your active leads and prospect organisations with links through to their profile pages, the activity is also listed by engagement so the more highly engaged leads are listed first.

Activity notifications

Once you have leads that have completed conversion forms or clicked through from your email campaigns, you can also add a notification automation to your activity streams to send you an email notification when specific activity happens.

How to get started

Just add the Jumplead tracking code to get your Activity reports, set up an Activity stream with an automation to enable real time alerts from your contacts activity.

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