Build lead intelligence with email marketing

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Everyone does email marketing and it is generally believed that open rates and click rates are all you can expect as far as understanding the success of your campaigns go.

The truth is email marketing can do much more than that.

By integrating email marketing with website analytics Jumplead provides a complete picture of activity at a contact level. From what happens on your website when your contact clicks through from an email to scoring your contacts based upon their actions.

Thus providing valuable sales intelligence for each and every contact.

Carry on the conversation

We all know that by creating more focused and timely communication we can improve the outcome of the emails we send, this is why triggering communications based upon a contact’s activity on your website from Conversion form completions to page visits increases success and aligns your communication with the needs of each and every contact at a time that’s right for them.

What’s more everything your contact does helps to build an actionable profile to help you target communications to more closely match their needs.

Without any kind of nurturing process your contacts will simply forget about you, with no opportunity to maintain your relationship over time the vast majority of people that have engaged with you will drift away.

This is why email marketing is so powerful, it allows you to retain and build your relationships over time. Sending emails that are not only personalised by name, but also speak to your contacts stage in their buying journey, offering the right kind of information at the right time is a powerful way to build trust and familiarity.

How to get started

Send an email broadcast with links through to your website for Jumplead to start recognising your contacts.

Create an autoresponder to nurture your contacts based upon a conversion form completion.

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