Trigger Marketing Automations and Create Contacts with Your Existing WordPress Forms

James Jackson on Marketing automation,

Our WordPress plugin has now been updated to allow your existing WordPress form plugins to create contacts within Jumplead’s CRM and to be able to trigger Jumplead marketing automations, to allow you to nurture and receive notifications based upon your individual contact’s activity.

Automations can be set individually one per form or grouped together so that one form completion triggers a number of marketing activities such as:

Send an email autoresponder campaign

Create and send email autoresponder drip campaigns based upon form completions. Now you can easily follow up on your ebook downloads.

Issue a sales team notification

Send your sales team a notification when a contact completes one of your web forms.

Change the contact’s lifecycle stage

Map out lifcycle stages for your contacts and change their stage as they move to deeper levels of engagement.

Add a tag for email broadcast segmentation

Use your forms to tag your contacts, then create accurate segments for follow up activity.

Setting up the Jumplead WordPress Plugin is straight forward.

1. Add the Jumplead Plugin

Search within Plugins for “Jumplead” or “Inbound Marketing” and you should be able to find us easily. Click on the “Install Now” button to begin.

Once the Plugin has installed you will be asked to click a link to “Activate Plugin”.

2. Navigate to the Jumplead Plugin

You should now see an extra “Jumplead” option in the right hand navigation within your WordPress admin, click on it and if you don’t already have an account click the link to create your free Jumplead “Explore” account.

3. Add your Tracker ID

Click on "Settings" and add your Jumplead Tracker ID to the WordPress Plugin, this will enable lead tracking and visitor identification throughout your website.

You can also create web conversion forms within Jumplead and add them to your WordPress website using short codes. But today we are going to make use of our existing Jetpack and Formidable forms.

While on the settings page, you can also enable the ability for Jumplead to create contacts from the comments created in your blog.

4. Integrating web forms with marketing automations

Now we are going to integrate our existing forms with Jumplead. So click on the “Integrations” navigation option and you will see that the Jumplead Plugin has detected our existing Formidable forms and Jetpack forms.

To integrate a form with Jumplead click on its name, then in the “Jumplead Integrations Mapping” page you can tell the plugin which Jumplead contact fields you would like to map to your existing form fields.

We use a “Full name” field which you can map to either “Name” or “First name” plus “Last name”. The other fields are straight forward.

 5. Adding an Automation

You can also use the automation ID for any existing automations you have set up within Jumplead to allow your form to trigger marketing automations.

Simply copy your required Automation ID from Jumplead and paste it into the Automation ID field. The form will then trigger your preset automation.

Navigating back to “Integrations” from your admin centre you will now see which forms have been successfully linked.

That's all there is to it! You now have WordPress forms that will create contacts and trigger marketing automations.

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