Inbound Marketing is a process not a piece of software

The truth of inbound marketing as an effective process for generating and qualifying leads for your business is difficult to refute. The principles were well documented by Seth Godin in his book Permission Marketing in 1999 and in turn Godin references the ideas published by Peppers

The hidden dangers of a ‘mindless’ marketing stack

A great marketing stack needs to personalise effectively, so why do we build them without a central point of control? Online marketing is a journey. Anyone with a website frets about getting more visitors, and anyone with visitors stresses about their conversion rates. Even given a

8 Ways to Use Your Analytics to Improve Traffic Quality

As a marketer or a business owner, it’s important to continually track and improve your marketing efforts to better align your campaigns to drive worthwhile results. This is achieved by consistent analysis of the data sets available to your organization through your analytics platform. Your

The 4 Types of Marketing Metrics That Matter Most for Your Business

One of the biggest problems many businesses face, especially B2B, is figuring out how to appropriately measure there marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis. The issue is usually two-fold; many organizations haven’t established clear goals for their marketing and are overwhelmed by the vast amount

The Science of Email Autoresponders: How to Nurture and Engage Your Customers

Email marketing can quickly become a time intensive investment for your business to take part in, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated with the right strategy and toolkit in place. Most email marketing platforms your business can choose from (like Jumplead) offer functionality