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What Recruiters Expect To See In An Executive CV

A CV or resume is an important part of getting a job. It is how you can show hiring managers your experience, your education and just how much value you can provide to the business. Resumes and/or CVs are used for all different types of

4 Creative Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

Optimizing Profit Through Strategic Marketing Marketing is complex, but it’s also straightforward — just like most modern technology. You’re reading this on a smartphone or other IoT device right now; unless of course, you’re browsing on a traditional laptop or desktop. The act of

How to Do Competitor Analysis and Improve Your Digital Marketing

In order to improve your digital marketing, you need to start by trying to understand what is the industry standard. Determining this is not always a simple and straightforward task. It’s not enough to just look for industry averages, seeing as how the bulk of

10 Social Media Lead Generating Strategies to Implement for 2021

Running a successful social media campaign is by no means an easy task. Sure, social media marketing is meant to be simple and user-friendly but now that everyone’s doing it, the competition is tough. Therefore, it takes a great deal of effort, perseverance and strategy

Legal Marketing: 3 Ways to Rank Your Law Firm Higher on Google

Your company should always be trying to improve its rank on Google so that more people will visit your site or content and hopefully become customers. If your company is too low in search results, many people may simply click on a link above yours. Search